Our Mission:

Freedom through self-awareness


Our education courses are relevant to any adolescent and adult (aged 13+), and are available to both schools and community organisations.

The S.L.A.V.E project is a motivational, multifaceted education programme that investigates our own mindsets and influences, which we believe are two significant elements that keep us trapped in unhealthy, unbalanced or threatening relationships with someone or something.

Any of us can become a slave to something, which in turn limits our own vision of ourselves. The addiction or habit can be anything ranging from another human, a substance, a way of life, or even a way of processing information. Our education course teaches that when we don’t understand the mechanisms by which we make our own decisions, we can become vulnerable to, for example, anyone who wants to take advantage of us. Understanding why we think the way we do is essential to emotional and mental health and self-protection.

By knowing ourselves and what makes us truly ‘tick’, it gives us the power to break ties to whatever, or whoever, it is that ensnares us; and can significantly change the odds of becoming a victim of someone else's psychological deception.

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