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Our course is a preventive tool that is designed to reduce the likelihood of the student becoming vulnerable to groomers by increasing the student’s self-awareness. The course is designed so that the student will be able to recognise when profiling is taking/has taken place, and what ‘needs’ lie within them, that the groomer is targeting.



* How life experiences imprint themselves on both your mind and body

* Family relationships and influences

* Impact of social media,

* Choice of friendship group;

.. and how all of these can make us vulnerable to tools of persuasion.


It is a challenging course which encourages all those who participate, to look at their own actions, explore their inner critic, and understand the influences that have formed their self perspective.

By the end of this course, the student will recognise grooming techniques when they are being used, or are interacting with someone that debases their value, rather than than builds it.

We deliver to either a male, or a female audience, and to various age groups (13years+). Our course is best suited to a maximum of approx 30 students.


Please get in touch with any questions. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements, and run through package options that will fit with your availability.

2 hOUR WorkShop

The outline of the 2 hour workshop introduces you to the fundamental approach of The S.L.A.V.E project.

We look at three main areas which are the basic tenets of grooming and exploitation. Our lesson plan includes
⦁    examining grooming tactics; 
⦁    how influences shape your own decisions; 
⦁    culminating in looking at what this theory looks like in practice 

This package can be purchased as a standalone workshop, or be used as a tool to introduce the subject to students, prior to undertaking the more intensive 6 week course. 

3 Hour Workshop

This is offered to community organisations as they are often not so limited by time constraints. However, we also welcome requests by schools for this length of workshop.

We cover the same topics as in the 2hr workshop, but the additional time allows us to add more interactive roleplay, exercises and discussion, which further embeds their understanding of the different topics we talk about. 

6 Week Course

This is our fully comprehensive programme where we have the chance to talk on a much deeper level about the influences that shape the beliefs and convictions, which underpin our vulnerability to the tactics that a groomer will use to manipulate us. When we have a greater awareness of the building blocks that are shaping us, we are more able to deconstruct the barriers that prevent us from making different decisions.
 This time allows us to build a relationship with the students and this naturally helps them to feel more comfortable to bring any thoughts or decisions that they come across during the week, back to the whole class for open discussion.  With an open dialogue, we are able to create an environment where the student can learn how we all experience difficult feelings such as shame and vulnerability; and discover reasons to meet these feelings with compassion towards themselves, and to others.  We provide thought provoking homework after each session, which reinforces the teaching material. After each session they will be able to apply the learning to their daily life.                                                                           
The 6th session contains a motivational direction which is not included in the workshops due to time constraints

Facilitator Training Package

For more information on what this role entails, and to express an interest in becoming a facilitator, please subscribe to our mailing list


Note: We currently cater for people aged 13years and over, but a primary school package will be coming in the near future.

Prices vary based on location, length of time and how many people are attending. If you would like to know more please get in touch.