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Seeing Grace

THe Plot

"Grace Simpson, former prostitute and convicted of trafficking, turned Queen's evidence against her pimp and was given early release from prison. Years later, now in her late 40s, she meets a stranger in a park - and is confronted once again with her past. A story of love, betrayal and hope "(28mins)

Written and Produced by Mary Scott, Original Concept by David Boyd.  Trinity Digital Films/Red Paint Films. Choregraphy, Danny Scott.

This production started in Vienna in 2003 with the pilot of a theatre piece called ‘Faces’. The script was based on real life stories and developed from a pilot in David Boyd’s garage, to a fully staged production in 2007. This became the catalyst for an outreach programme in Vienna for street workers - half of whom were trafficked. 

When Mary returned to the UK in 2008, she began reworking the play with a view to eventually hosting it here in England. After much labour and fund raising, Mary was able to put on the play in an Oxford theatre. It didn't take long for Mary to meet Liz, who had been part of a small team working closely with the wider local authority in order to examine the activities of grooming and rape gangs within the UK. They soon became close friends and Liz became a consultant to the newly revamped 'Faces' play - now called 'Seeing Grace'. 

After the stage show, Mary had a number of parents of teenagers coming to her saying this needed to be seen by more people, particularly young people. 

During the lead up and making of the film, Liz became increasingly inspired to set up a company to deliver an educational resource in conjunction with the film

…and so, The S.L.A.V.E Project was born.

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