Liz is a Co-Director of ‘The S.L.A.V.E project CIC’. Her experience includes a 10 year background in mental health supported housing, and before that, 16 years of experience working very closely with those engaged in the sex industry.

In a previous role as a member of a voluntary organisation’s steering group, she was part of a small team who worked closely with the wider local authority in order to examine the activities of grooming/rape gangs in the UK. In 2016, Liz was also invited by an established Theatre company to join them as part of their creative team who wanted to make a realistic film about grooming and exploitation; and this film went on to win the London Monthly Film Festival Award in 2017.

Liz’s historical experience also proved invaluable in her work within a busy hostel, where many of the clients were learning to identify certain features that can indicate an emerging potential for either a healthy or unhealthy relationship. Liz has recently co- written this education programme which teaches how to ‘interrupt’ a groomer’s pattern of psychological control, and prevent any intended abuse from becoming a repetitive, entrenched, and even accepted part of an individual’s life. She is a firm believer that learning a little more about ourselves and learning to spend some time reflecting upon the range of influences that have shaped us, will help us to make healthier and/or wiser choices… starting right now!



Nat is Co-Director of the S.L.A.V.E project. She has worked for many years with young adults in a variety of settings, including fast paced mental health supported housing. She has a BSc in Education & Psychology, worked with children with Autism, and supported Asylum Seekers whilst living in Australia.

Her passion/focus has been to support those who feel dispossessed and hopeless, to understand their own mindset, reconnect to themselves, and has helped them to rebuild a life that has meaning for them.

Nat co wrote the programme because experience has taught her that people often don’t fully understand the weight of impact that their own perspective has had on their lives, and how it quickly becomes the driving force behind the repetitive patterns of their lived experiences. Time and again she has watched people as they are caught in the battle between the life experiences of their 'child within', which tends to hold them fast to the status quo, vs their deep desire to live a different life. She firmly believes that knowing oneself well, is a protective factor against becoming attached to negative and unhelpful habits/ patterns, which bring about recurring circumstances.