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Do you work with people who;

* Find themselves trapped in painful and repetitive types of relationships/friendships

* Are being groomed /exploited for financial or sexual gain

* Find themselves drawn to do certain things to ‘feel alive’

* Keep forming unequal and domineering relationships, possibly resulting in domestic violence

* Are experiencing bullying and power struggles in relationships

* Are involved in drug dealing

* Are self medicating through non prescription drugs

* Are in a cycle of repeat offending/prison sentences

* Self medicating with alcohol

* Seek ways to feel powerful over others (without thought to the cost to themselves, as much as to others)

 Many people who are stuck in the cycles above are often unaware of all the lifetime influences, from birth to now, that have shaped their attraction to, or liking for, a certain type of person or lifestyle.

Our course requires the student to identify and examine those influences so they can recognise what it is they are unconsciously seeking, or masking. Our approach is underpinned by a deep investigation of those influences that drive our decision making process, and how they can result in us feeling drawn to making certain choices. One of the biggest challenges is unpicking what has shaped their own perspective of themselves, and how the emotions attached to their perspective, determines how they navigate the world around them. With this knowledge they are able to take ownership of the mindset that causes them to become a slave to whatever/whoever it is that is keeping them trapped in a certain way of life. The student will be armed with increased self-awareness so they can understand the role they play in situations they find themselves in. Although some may choose not to make changes following the course, it provides them with the choice to investigate change in the future.

We tailor our approach to suit your client group. Our content suits either a male or female audience, and we can deliver this to various age groups. Our course is best suited to a maximum of approx 30 students (ie a classroom size group).

We’d be delighted to speak to you about your requirements, and how best to hold the course in your service.

2 hOUR WorkShop

The outline of the 2 hour workshop introduces you to the fundamental concepts of The S.L.A.V.E project.

  • We examine what shapes our 'needs'

  • What is behind the choices we currenly make

  • Our familial and outside influences

  • How those influences drive how we make decisions

This package can be purchased as a standalone workshop, or used as a tool to introduce the subject to students, prior to undertaking the more intensive 6 session course.


3 Hour Workshop

We cover the same topics as in the 2 hour workshop, but the additional time allows us to add more interactive roleplay, exercises and discussion, which further embeds their understanding of the different topics we talk about.

6 Week Course

This is our fully comprehensive programme where we have the chance to talk about these topics on a much deeper level and in a wider context. We talk about the influences that shape our beliefs and convictions which, for example, underpin our vulnerability to the tactics that a groomer will use to manipulate us. When we have a greater awareness of the building blocks that are shaping us, we are more able to deconstruct the barriers that prevent us from making different decisions.

This time allows us to build a relationship with the students and this naturally helps them to feel more comfortable to bring any thoughts or decisions that they come across during the week, back to the whole class for open discussion. With an open dialogue, we are able to create an environment where the student can learn how we all experience difficult feelings such as shame and vulnerability; and discover reasons to meet these feelings with compassion towards themselves, and to others. We provide thought provoking homework after each session, which reinforces the teaching material. After each session they will be able to apply the learning to their daily life.

The 6th session contains a motivational direction which is not included in the workshops due to time constraints

Facilitator Training Package

For more information on what this role entails, and to express an interest in becoming a facilitator, please subscribe to our mailing list


Prices vary based on location, length of time and how many people are attending. So if you would like to know more please get in touch.