Schools: Grooming & Exploitation:

We examine the mindsets involved in grooming, child drug exploitation (including ‘County Lines’), and sexual exploitation. Our intention is to increase the student's self-awareness in order to recognise the tactics of grooming when they are being used. We aim to help people recognise when sex is falsely marketed as connection, when luring us in is dressed as love, when lies are cloaked as affirmation, or when our ‘mask’ covers up a lack of self-esteem and misunderstanding of our own value. Increased self awareness reduces a person’s susceptibility to this psychological manipulation, thereby giving them the power to release themselves from those relationships. Our education course looks at how perpetrators identify, then profile a person’s needs, so they can tailor their approach, and pretend to fill that gap.

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Community OrganisatiONS:

We provide two different courses; one addresses Grooming & Exploitation (and can include CDE), tailored to either adults or children. The other addresses wider issues in the community. Our course is relevant in its application to a wide range of issues that involve ingrained patterns of behaviour or response - such as substance misuse, patterns of offending, and perpetrators or victims of domestic violence. Our approach is underpinned by an investigation of the life influences which drive our process of decision making, and therefore our choices. We look at when control is cloaked as love, when lies are sold as affirmation, when sex is intended as a bargaining tool, and when our choices cover up a lack of self-esteem and misunderstanding of our own value.

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“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
— Carl Jung